At ITN Construction, we provide affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney. People dream of it, we actually do it

One of the most important rooms in a house is the bathroom. We know that a lot of our customers have made some life changing decisions in the bathroom. To give you an interesting place to ponder over your life’s problems plus clean yourself up for parties and a friends’ night out, we give you designer bathrooms in Sydney. These bathrooms suit a variety of needs and are customised according to the needs of the customer.
At ITN Construction, we are well aware of the value addition that a clean, modern and well-designed bathroom can be to the resale value or rent of a property. You may have noticed that properties with beautiful and functional bathrooms sell better and get good tenants. Plus we know that everyone enjoys a good hot shower in a nice bathroom.

Give your daily splash a touch of class with our designer bathrooms in Sydney

We know that affordable bathroom renovations may seem hard to come by, but that is not the case with ITN Construction. For modern affordable bathroom renovations, we follow the following steps:
  • You will call us to arrange a consultation about your project
  • On the day, our consultant will come to you and discuss all the available options about accessories, design and your budget
  • Then, we’ll schedule a second appointment. In the 2nd appointment, the consultants will take you to the design options as well as discuss quotes
  • We will evaluate the space and make suggestions for fittings and accessories, such as colours schemes, vanities, lighting and other bathroom accessories
  • Once all the decisions are made, we will present a complete plan and timeline for your designer bathroom renovation in Sydney.
We will keep you posted with all the latest updates on your projects while you sit back, relax and watch all the good things happen. At the end, you will have one of the most beautiful designer bathrooms in Sydney.

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