We provide kitchen renovations that are affordable and yet chic

At ITN Construction, we can perform a variety of renovations; these include kitchen renovations in Sydney. If you are on the lookout for cost effective renovations, we suggest you contact us immediately.
We take our customers on board when it is about any renovation work. We know that understanding exactly what the customer wants, before starting a project is as important as….. The reason is we know that if we do not understand the customers’ needs, we will not be able to give them what they would like to see in their house on a daily basis and many times a day.
Kitchen Renovations in Sydney
For this reason, we follow the steps listed below:
  • You call us and schedule a consultation session to discuss your project
  • Our representative will be at your doorstep on the schedule date and time. They will bring with them the possible samples and other necessary things to help you make a decision. We will let you know about all the latest in kitchen renovations as well as electrical appliances, fittings, layouts and colour schemes
  • We will make a note of all your requirements as well as measurements, then we will begin the design process
  • We then schedule a second session. In this session, we finalise everything with our customer from costs and designs to timelines. We are very particular about our timelines. At ITN Construction, we ensure that all our timelines are realistic and we eliminate any glitches before the problem occurs
  • Our work begins with getting the old kitchen out and the new one in. When we are done with your kitchen, our project manager will ensure that the kitchen is according to the standards and as per your requirement(s).
We know that kitchen renovations in Sydney can be expensive and everyone wants affordable kitchens in Sydney. We try and design kitchens that nail this brief.

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