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At ITN Construction, we can perform a variety of renovations. These include the often underrated laundry renovations in Sydney. We know that people often do not realise the benefits of a good laundry room that it has to offer. It is a space that serves multiple purposes. Not only do you have your laundry appliances such as washing machines and dryers, but it can serve as a storage space. We know that people usually need a space to hang clean and ironed laundry that cannot fit in their bedroom cupboards. For this reason, we know that a laundry is not a wasted space. We believe in the best laundry renovation with a focus on functionality and design.

We create a space that makes doing laundry a lot of fun

At ITN Construction, we believe that a laundry is not a wasted space if utilised correctly, it should match the interior of the house as well. Furthermore, people on average may spend around one or two hours, may be more in the laundry on a weekly basis. So it should be a place that is aesthetically appealing and serves its purpose as well. We know that a laundry is not just a space for washing appliance and clothes; it is an additional storage space as well, where you can store pet accessories when cleaning the dirty laundry.

Don’t waste space, let us renovate your laundry

We believe in giving our customers a good investment on their laundry renovation in Sydney. It is our policy to finalise the functionality and aesthetic aspects simultaneously. We ensure an effective internal space utilisation. Our customers have a variety of demands when it comes to dedicating space to a laundry. It is our aim to liven up a chore that is often considered very boring. We offer a variety of options for laundry renovation ranging from the colour of the walls to the style and material of the storage cabinets.

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