Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to home improvement, one of the most important projects that usually stand at the top of the list is bathroom renovation, as we need to take into consideration the colour contrast, decorating methods, other storage options as well as the furnishings.

If you dream of relaxing in a personal spa? Now your dream can be a reality by joining hands with ITN Construction, a bathroom renovation specialist who re-design and renovate your existing bathroom to suit any style you require.

Wish to remodel your bathroom? Why wait, contact ITN Construction experts today to turn your current bathroom nightmare into a one of the best bathrooms in Sydney. We'll build a fully functional, modern, beautiful, interesting, cozy and comfortable bathroom as per your requirements at affordable prices.

Six easy steps for modern bathroom makeover
  • Dial to us to schedule a consultation to discuss about your project.
  • One of our consultants will come to you and discuss about available options, accessories, design and your budget.
  • In the 2nd appointment, the consultants will go through the quote and design options. Evaluate the existing space and suggest you the changing details like lighting, shower screens, colours, vanities and other bathroom accessories.
  • Upon completion of all the discussions, a complete programme of the bathroom renovation will be given to you before the commence of the work.
  • An easily maintained, functional, and well-presented bathroom is important in a happy home and we can help you to achieve your requirements.
  • Will keep you informed during the whole process of work and you can just sit back and relax watching the changes made in front your eyes.

Upon completion of the entire work we will meet with the project manager to go over the project for the final time before handover to make sure you are happy with your new bathroom. You will also be presented with our 10-year guarantee to give you utter peace of mind. When you work with ITN Construction and Joinery team, you know you have done it right.

Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

Kitchen Renovations

Planning on for a kitchen renovation? Now is the time to move forward with ITN Construction for ensuring your kitchen renovation to be success.

With years of experience in the industry and knowledge on current trends, ITN Construction is offering best in class kitchen renovation services throughout Sydney that ensures you with best kitchen designs which meets your lifestyle and needs in terms of appealing, functionality and storage.

When undertaking a home renovation, kitchen renovation will be one of the biggest investments you make in your home to give it a modern look. So, contact ITN Construction today to remodel or renovate your kitchen in the most cost-effective manner.

Key Steps for Your Kitchen Makeover
  • Dial to us to schedule a consultation to discuss about your project.
  • Our professionals will come to you with a bundle of sample works and listen to your request with open mind.
  • We take down all your requirements, measurements and also help you in choosing the right custom or semi-custom designs along with the perfect hardware that suits your needs and budget.
  • At ITN Constructions, we also guide you on the trends, layouts, installation processes, products, appliances, hardware and innovations that will make your space truly great at pocket-friendly price.
  • In our second meet, we will go through your quote, make all the discussions and essential changes. Once the plan is finalized we will commence with the contract signing. After which you will be provided with a 3D design of your choice ensuring the implementation of ideas as discussed, colours as chosen as well as the accessories in building your new modern kitchen.
  • We also provide you with a full project programme to ensure that you don't come across any nasty surprises and attain peace of mind with our effective plan.
  • All of our job starts when we turn up on time and remove your old kitchen. We keep you informed all the way through from demolition to completion.
  • After the successful completion of our kitchen renovations, your project manager will go over the further process and make sure you are very happy with your new modern Kitchen.
Home Renovations Sydney

Home Renovations

ITN Construction, a home renovation specialist located in Sydney offers a range of best designs and professional advice required for custom transformation of kitchen, bathroom, home offices, Installation of furniture, decor, art, wardrobes, and more. Our custom renovation can be anything from credenzas office fit outs, entertainment units, book shelving and storage units to name a few. And all the designs that we deliver and material being used will give your home a highly luxury, classic and elegant look.

With years of experience in the industry and well-deserved reputation to produce unique designs, using both traditional as well as the modern techniques, we work with a mission to let your interior vision come to life. Right from delivering the designs that suit your taste, supplying quality materials to the final process of installation of a finished product, we feel as our responsibility to provide customized and specialized solutions as per your requirements for enhancing the renovation of both residential as well as commercial places.

We have fully qualified master craftsmen who have an unsurpassed experience in the work that can be evident in their flexible approach and skill. We pride ourselves in our work for providing our clients with the top-quality materials, high-end services as well as the professionalism required to enjoy your home renovation experience. Any job can be appreciated if it's completed on time with the highest standard and we proved ourselves by delivering quality professional work that turned many of our clients' dreams into reality.

Why Us?
  • We are specialist in renovation.
  • Work closely with the specialist to save your time and money.
  • Keep you informed with all the updates.
  • See that all your requirements are met and project is done right.
  • Offer you the top-quality material and professional services.
  • Cost effective renovations.
Water Proofing

Water Proofing

Suffering from WATER LEAKAGE problems? ITN Construction is here to help you out!! Being into the field from years, we provide complete non-hacking customized waterproofing treatment for your bathrooms, toilets, balconies, showers, roof, etc.

Water proofing is very important for every home, as it can help you in dealing with mildew more effectively. If your basement is not waterproofed properly, it can lead to water seepage, leakage and many other problems. We recognize this as a growing challenge, and so use good quality material for water proofing that can protect the basement from other such major difficulties.

As of today, we have undertaken hundreds of projects for both residential and commercial waterproofing needs and solved all the leakage concerns of our clients on time.

We work with mission to deliver excellent services at pocket-friendly rates and have followed this since from the very beginning. To avail our services, feel free to dial to us @ 0413 560 423